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Creating Sustained Organization

It's your space, so why not make the most of it?

Toss 'n Tidy offers many services to meet your needs. And you'll never have to worry about a "make-over disaster!" Toss 'n Tidy respects your home, tastes, and style, and will work with you to create an organizational method that works with you and your lifestyle.

Each project begins with a free, half-hour assessment of your space in its current condition. At this time you and your personal organizer will discuss your priorities, needs and goals. Then you decide how to proceed:

Project Assistance ^

Your space needs organizing and you need hands-on help doing it! Toss 'n Tidy will help you assess your space, design a new organizational flow and create a plan that meets your goals and fits your budget. Next, personal appointments are scheduled so that you and your personal organizer work together achieving and celebrating each step of the plan.

Consultation ^

Your space needs a new look and you know you can do it, you just don't know where to start! Toss 'n Tidy can help you assess and design whatever space you are looking to create. Then the written plans are handed over to you for completion of the job. Whether you need a little niche for your sewing machine or a large storage space, call Toss 'n Tidy to assist you in creating just the perfect place.

Project Coach ^

For the person looking for something in between the Consultation and Project Assistance packages. Your professional organizer will assess and design your space, create an organizational plan, hand it over to you, and then call you at scheduled times to check on your progress.

Specialized Services

Hands-On Organization for the Home ^

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, children's rooms – Toss 'n Tidy will help organize all home living spaces. Tackling a specific room of your home can typically be achieved in two or three 4-hour sessions. If your whole home seems over-run with clutter, the task can be broken down room by room.

Organizing a Life Change ^

Life's changes can be full of excitement and wonder as you merge two lives together or welcome a new baby. They can also be painful as you say goodbye to loved ones. Either way, Toss 'n Tidy can help you deal with the stress that accompanies change. A personal organizer will work with you to sort through treasured possessions to ensure the things you keep have the most meaning and relevance in your new life.

Photos and Memorabilia Organization and Preservation ^

Do you have a box full of old photos and memorabilia? Is your hard drive the new shoe box of forgotten images? Toss'n Tidy can show you how to collect, organize and showcase your photographs printed or digitally. Taking photos of treasured memorabilia, capturing the memories attached, and preserving them in quality albums will allow you to let go of the items, retain the personal value and pass along your heritage for generations to come.

Pre-Staging Houses ^

Are you looking to sell your current home? Let Toss 'n Tidy assist you in staging your home for sale. Together we will determine which of your possessions can be packed up for the move and put into storage, what has served its purpose and can be given to charity, and what should stay during the selling process to give your home that warm, lived-in feeling. Your home will look organized and clutter-free, creating the look of a model home; perfect to sell! Best of all, when the time comes to move, you'll know exactly what you're taking, saving you time and money – why pay to move things you don't need?

Relocation Assistance ^

What about organizing your new home? Call Toss 'n Tidy to preview your home before you move in and provide suggestions on storage, organization, and custom solutions so you will know exactly how to answer "where do you want this?" on moving day.

Gift Certificates ^

Bring calm and order into the home of someone you love! Toss 'n Tidy Gift Certificates are ideal for the person who has everything-and doesn't need anything more!

Please note that Project and Consultation Packages may not include the removal of items, lifting/moving heavy objects, or climbing ladders. General services do not include any form of cleaning or interior design. Toss 'n Tidy is a professional service with full confidentiality and respect of your personal space.